Shake Heights Development Corporation

Strong neighbors build strong neighborhoods.

Leveraging opportunity.

Building community.

Making history.

Meet the Shaker Heights Development Corporation (SHDC), a community improvement 501(c)( 3) nonprofit corporation created to help the City realize its strong vision for the future. Your financial support, paired with the efforts of SHDC, will directly:

  • • Enhance the city's commercial revitalization efforts
  • • Strengthen our neighborhoods
  • • Diversify Shaker's tax base

For more than 100 years, Shaker Heights has been a leader in building community and integrating cultures against a background of natural beauty and urban charm. Honor our City’s history today and commit to SHDC for the future.


Our mission is to enhance the commercial revitalization efforts of the City of Shaker Heights in order to strengthen residential neighborhoods and diversify the City’s tax base


SHDC envisions an enriched Shaker Heights community that seamlessly blends our innovative history into a vibrant future by fostering entrepreneurial opportunities and stimulating sustainable economic growth.


SHDC promotes economic development and educational initiatives that embody and advance each of the following Core Values.

Core Values

The City of Shaker Heights established the SHDC in 1981. A majority of SHDC’s board is comprised of citizen members, plus city staff and elected officials. The board serves as an agent of the City; the City, in turn, serves as SHDC’s fiduciary agent. Our nonprofit status enables us to accept charitable donations to advance the creation and preservation of economic opportunities for Shaker Heights.

Your gift to SHDC will help develop:

The Chagrin/Lee District

The City's beautification and revitalization funds, coupled with private investment, already have strengthened this rising community and promise to transform it into a lively district for residents to work, live and play.

The Van Aken Commercial District

SHDC's nonprofit status uniquely positions us to facilitate and support unfunded components of this sustainable mixed-use development.

The Fiberhood

The Dealership is the hub of Northeast Ohio’s first Fiberhood — a super-fast broadband network provided by Everstream that promises to attract tech-savvy entrepreneurs to live and work in the Chagrin/Lee District and in other developing commercial districts within Shaker Heights.

Shaker Heights has embraced a progressive resilience that enabled the city to meet the challenges of its first 100 years.

Commit to SHDC today to honor our past and to strengthen our foundation for the future. Together, we can solidify our diverse residential base with innovative, sustainable commercial development.

SHDC Staff

Nick Fedor

Executive Director
Office: 216.491.1425

SHDC board members

Scott D. Garson

Citizen Board Member

Kandis Williams

Vice President,
Citizen Board Member

John J. Boyle, III

Citizen Board Member

Jeri E. Chaikin

Chief Administrative Officer, City of Shaker Heights

Richard W. Pogue

At Large Executive Committee Member,
Citizen Board Member

Kim Bixenstine

At Large Executive Committee Member,
Citizen Board Member

Kevin Alin

Citizen Board Member

Joyce Braverman

Planning Director, City of Shaker Heights

Teri Chmielewski

Citizen Board Member

Vicki Elder

Citizen Board Member

Thomas K. Gustafson

Citizen Board Member

Kamla Lewis

Neighborhood Revitalization Director,
City of Shaker Heights

Tony Love

Citizen Board Member

Sean Malone

Council Representative, City of Shaker Heights

Anthony Moore

Citizen Board Member

Jeremy Paris

Citizen Board Member

Katharyne Starinsky

Senior Economic Development Specialist,
City of Shaker Heights

Julianna Johnston Senturia

Council Representative, City of Shaker Heights

Dr. Ted Teknos

Citizen Board Member

Benjamin Woodcock

Citizen Board Member
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